Our Culture

Insitec is a company that wishes to identify and develop a clear, concise and shared meaning of values, priorities, and direction so that everyone understands and can contribute.

Values impact every aspect of our business and we actively support and nurture our values. We want people (both staff and clients) to plainly see and understand Insitecs values.

To ensure these values have impact, the Directors and Executive Team lead by example through our personal work behaviours, decision making, contribution and interpersonal interaction.

Our key values are :

  • Honesty – be open and honest in all our dealings
  • Integrity – our integrity is valued highly as we believe in truth and respect in all relationships
  • Respect – a mutual respect for all with whom we deal
  • Loyalty – loyalty to our suppliers, customers and staff will help us grow
  • Teamwork – we have a servant attitude with whomever we deal
  • Excellence – we take pride in what we say and do
  • Accountability – we will take responsibility for all that we do
  • Ethics – in all our business dealings, it is important that we remember our Christian origins.