Information Management Services

Information is a valuable asset to your organisation. For more than a decade, Insitec have been helping our clients effectively organise and utilise their information.

Our information management specialists help you to understand and organise your information on a daily basis, whether you are in business or government. Insitec can tailor and deploy Content Management Systems (CMS) and Electronic Content Management solutions (ECM) that suit your needs.

Whether you are a business that wants to make more efficient use of your intellectual property assets or a government organisation that needs to implement records management and security requirements across your information holdings, Insitec can support your business and help it grow.

Information Management is a key area that we regard as critical to “unlocking business potential”, when your staff have access to the right information, in the right format, at the right time then their decision making can be more efficient, effective and accurate. This leads to better outcomes for your clients, the return on investment on a information management solution can be measured in months, not years.

Electronic Content Management Systems

Insitec has extensive experience in two Electronic Content Management systems, the Objective suite from Objective Corporation Limited (OCL) and the OnBase ECM from Hyland Software.

Objective Services

OnBase Services


Web Content Management Systems

For simple Web Content Management Systems Insitec primarily uses WordPress or Drupal. These two products provide an excellent toolbox of capabilities from simple brochure-ware websites, through to complex web application capabilities.