Objective Services

Insitec has more experience in the Objective software suite than any other systems integrator, bar none. Insitec has a long history of implementing and supporting the Objective ECM suite across both small and very large government agency implementations. This experience has been invaluable to these agencies and has contributed to a large number of patches and other product enhancements.

Insitec has been involved with the Objective user community for over 12 years and has presented at several user group meetings.

During the past 15 years, insitec has:

  • Maintained a complex ECM environment with over 80 servers across multiple networks and physical locations managing over:
    • 50+ million physical documents and 450+ million electronic documents
    • 25+ million files and 2+ billion audit trail events
    • 400+ TB of storage
  • Migrated over 5.5 million electronic documents and 100+ terabytes of data
  • Provided Level 1, 2 and 3 user and business support to over 85,000 active users accounts
  • Deployed 70 servers and provide upgrade and refreshes through out their lives