Project Services

How often do you hear  ”On time, on budget” ?

Probably not nearly as often as you should. At Insitec we regard this as a core requirement of the project, not a hoped for “maybe possible” dream.

By using a combination of a flexible but not burdensome project management methodology and excellent staff who can solve problems quickly, Insitec achieves outcomes others can only dream about.

We have known of projects that failed to fix the problem that they were commissioned to solve, yet they won a project management award! In our opinion, a project that doesn’t solve the problem it was supposed to, is never a success no matter how well the failure was documented.

Insitec knows that it is critical to have an early stage high level design. When this design is complete – and meets the business requirements the project is solving – a successful project outcome is most probable. Jumping straight into building a solution without that design, and ensuring that a rigourous architecture is in place will almost always lead to disaster.

We ALWAYS ensure that any project we control is lead by a strong and competent project manager and a solutions architect; both of whom are charged with bringing the project to completion – from a technical standpoint, a business standpoint and from a project management point to view.