Specialist Industries

Insitec has extensive experience in several specialist industries, we have built a strong understanding of these industries and their unique requirements since 2002.

Defence and National Security

Insitec has been working since 2001 in the Defence and National Security sector – a critical area for Australia’s national interest. Insitec has experience working within many different areas of the Department of Defence and understands the complexities of working in a security controlled and distributed environment. We are keenly aware of the role our ADF members play in enacting government policy and we aim to provide systems to them that assist in their missions.

Health and Welfare

People matter !

This is why Insitec works with the Health and Welfare sector. We are committed to seeing effective and efficient health care delivery in Australia. Insitec also has a long experience in working with providers in the Welfare sector. Our client’s in this sector have a difficult and and sometimes seemingly fruitless task, but one that can make an essential difference in people’s lives and consequently to our overall community.